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We offer personalized and professional solutions for your digitization needs

At the DLL@HPL we combine meticulous care with cutting-edge technology to digitize materials with the highest fidelity. Our lab is equipped with the tools and expertise to handle a diverse range of digitization needs.

Our commitment to customer service is at the core of everything we do. We work closely with you to ensure that every project is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Richard A. Gustafson

Chair, Communications, Marketing, and Fundraising Committee Housatonic Valley Association Board of Directors

"We appreciate the DLL@HPL's personalized attention to this project. They guided us every step of the way, including showing us how best to access and use the digitized files. The DLL@HPL is a great resource to the State of Connecticut.”

James Mahoney

Associate Program Director, Connecticut Transportation Institute, UCONN

Executive Program Director, Connecticut Advanced Pavement Lab, UCONN

“We had accumulated a collection of early to mid-20th Century pavement related glass lantern slides, black and white photographic prints, and negatives from various sources that we had long wanted to digitize for display and educational purposes. We learned that the Hartford Public Library had a full digitization studio, the Digital Library Lab, right in downtown Hartford, so we contacted them for a quote. Within a week, we agreed on a price, got the materials to the DLL@HPL, and received amazing digitized images. We were thrilled to see them brought to the digital age!”

  • What is Digitization?
    Digitization refers to the process of converting physical information into digital format, making it easier to store, access, and manage
  • Why Digitization?
    Digitization offers a solution for individuals or organizations looking to preserve their valuable materials and records.
  • Where is DLL@HPL located?
    DLL@HPL, a department of Hartford Public Library is conveniently located at the Downtown Library, 500 Main Street, Hartford, CT. Please contact us for an appointment.
  • Who do we serve?
    We serve a wide variety of customers. Businesses, local and state governments, arts and cultural institutions, schools, nonprofits and individuals can all benefit from our digitization services.
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